Museum-Quality Collection Management

Every art collection has a story. We are art stewards who help to preserve those stories and protect your assets.

1292 BC to 2023 CE

Date range of objects handled

$215 million

Total value of art and objects
managed by our team

50–5,300 pieces

Size range of projects


We provide peace of mind by ensuring artworks are properly documented and cared for. We create comprehensive, museum-standard catalogues of our clients’ collections for insurance, estate planning and general organization purposes.

Collection Management

Collection care is an integral part of art collection management. Whether on display or in storage, artwork can be susceptible to potential deterioration or damage. We help clients manage art assets and oversee the upkeep of collections in order to preserve the integrity and value of their investment.


We work with a full range of collectors from emerging to established, to build and refine their art collections. Along with having strong, long-standing relationships with the country’s leading gallerists, dealers, artists and auction houses, our team of art experts has extensive knowledge of contemporary and historical art and objects.

The Kalaman Group

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